Saving Costs on filtration

In the food and beverage industries, the precise separation of particles and residual is increasingly important in the production of, for example beer, apple juice and numerous dairy products. Filtration is a good example of a simple and efficient technology used to produce high-quality food.

Filtration is a technique which creates a physical barrier, particles are separated according to their size and shape, using specially designed pressure and membranes having different pore sizes.

Although there are various filtration methods (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration, in order of increasing pore size), they all have the same objective:

The separation or concentration of substances in a liquid.

Masterfilter offers a wide range of filters for all applications and also for the replacement of existing filter manufacturers (retrofit). We can also advise you in choosing the right filters or filter material by our years of experience in the aforementioned sectors.