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Engisol partner ATP Packaging & Engineering celebrates a successful week at Prosweets / ISM in Cologne



This week was a triumphant one for Engisol partner ATP Packaging & Engineering as they showcased their innovative solutions at ProsweVisitors at an ATP presentation during guide tour of exhibitionets / ISM in Cologne. Engisol, a leading provider of innovative process and packaging technologies for the process industry, in collaboration with ATP Packaging & Engineering, presented a range of cutting-edge solutions that attracted attention and recognition throughout the event attended by Erik Wesselink.


ATP pick-and-place robots for confectionery and bakery products


Prosweets / ISM - A first-class platform:

Prosweets / ISM, an internationally renowned trade fair for the confectionery and snack industry, attracts professionals, experts and companies from all over the world. It serves as a central platform for industry players to showcase their latest innovations, make valuable contacts and keep abreast of emerging trends in the dynamic confectionery sector.

Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering at the forefront:

Engisol, known for its commitment to providing advanced solutions, partnered with ATP Packaging & Engineering to bring their expertise to the forefront of Prosweets / ISM. This collaboration was designed to highlight the synergy between Engisol's innovative process technology and ATP Packaging & Engineering's expertise in packaging solutions.


The main highlights of the week:


Presentation of innovative technologies:
ATP Packaging & Engineering showcased a range of innovative packaging technologies designed to increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and improve the overall packaging experience. The stand became a focal point for visitors looking to learn about the latest developments in the industry.


Captivating demonstrations:
Throughout the week, Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering organised engaging demonstrations of their integrated solutions. These live demonstrations allowed visitors to experience first-hand the seamless integration of cutting-edge process technology with advanced packaging solutions.


Bezoekers bij een presentatie van ATP tijdens guide tour door beurs

Visitors at an ATP presentation during a tour of the exhibition


Positive feedback and networking:
The joint efforts of Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering were positively evaluated by industry experts, customers and potential business partners. The event provided an excellent opportunity for networking, fostering new relationships and strengthening existing ones.


Tackling the challenges of the industry:
Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering actively addressed industry challenges during the event. They presented solutions that not only meet current industry standards, but also anticipate and adapt to future trends to ensure customers stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of process and packaging technology.


Recognitions and awards:
The outstanding contributions of Engisol partner ATP Packaging & Engineering did not go unnoticed. The innovative solutions presented at Prosweets / ISM earned them recognition and in some cases prestigious awards for excellence in technology and packaging.



The collaboration between Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering during Prosweets / ISM in Cologne proved to be a resounding success. Their commitment to innovation, their dedication to the challenges of the industry and their ability to present integrated solutions were well received. Engisol and ATP Packaging & Engineering look back on a successful week and look forward to using the momentum gained at Prosweets / ISM to continue pushing the boundaries of process and packaging technology in the dynamic and ever-evolving confectionery industry.


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