Filters and filter housings

Masterfilter filters and filter housings for the process industry


Competence in filtration processes and their implementation are Masterfilter's strengths. We provide solutions for all types of critical applications. Masterfilter is a filtration company focusing on so-called "high end" solutions in PES & PTFE membrane filters and different types of pleated filter cartridges. Masterfilter provides professional technical and scientific assistance in filtration, separation and purification solutions. Our goal is to deliver innovative quality products "on time" and with potential for high cost savings from our own stock in Benelux.

Who is Masterfilter?

From the beginning, our foundation and ethos have been based on a 'customer-centric' approach. We strive to remove complexity from our operations and ensure that we are 'easy to work with' and approachable at all levels. Accredited with ISO 9001, our mission is to be a trusted supplier of choice, thanks to our technical expertise and high-quality products.


Farmaceuticals & Biologicals

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Food and Beverage

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Softdrinks & Water

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Chemical & Inkjet

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